Daily Archives: April 4, 2012


I suppose I should consider myself quite widely-travelled, but actually both of my sons, and my parents, have moved around the globe to a much greater extent. I’m undecided what to do for summer vacation this year, favouring a trip to the Bible Belt, but also the southern French-Italian border, Thailand and Barbados – again – are possibilities.

I should also try to explore some areas of this great continent of Europe. Incredibly, I’ve never set foot on Irish soil, and also, to my great regret, I’ve never been anywhere in Scandinavia.

A couple of years ago I almost booked a weekend in København. I had to back out when I found out that my wife had other plans for that time. But should I ever venture to Scandinavia, Denmark is where I would go. København is full of attractions, and most of the well-known ones are free. But also, we in the UK so often hear that the Scandinavian countries are model societies that both respect and protect the rights of individuals to a degree that we wouldn’t be entirely familiar with.

There are a couple of minus points. The large brewer Carlsberg was associated with Liverpool Football Club for many years, and for this reason any discerning Danish drinker will prefer Tuborg, notwithstanding that Carlsberg actually owns Tuborg. And also, although Danish football has for many years punched above its weight, (as Denmark itself has), the Danish footballers that played for Everton have been far from successful – the thought of Claus Thomsen in a royal blue shirt still induces nightmares. But this doesn’t negate the wonderful memories of players such as Schmiechel, Tomasson, Olsen and Michael Laudrup.

København is a compact, yet fascinating, city. The well-known areas of Nyhavn and Cristiana, the Tivoli, the museums and the food add up to a place that I must see. Maybe next year.

But there is one reason above all to visit København. A new word has entered the English language – Forbrydelsen. The original story was compelling, full of twists and turns, and although I guessed the identity of the murderer from the outset, it was for the wrong reason. I’d also like to know, firstly, do Danish people ever switch lights on in the evening or do they just carry torches, and secondly, where can I buy my wife the indestructible Sarah Lund jumper for less than 250 euros?