Duncan’s Ditty of the day #3

Number 3 in an occasional series.

No, I didn’t die. But my computer did. And I’m still as busy elsewhere. This month I have two targets:

  1. I want to lay down some thoughts about truth – why truth is objective and why it is intrinsically important.
  2. I want to expound some more thoughts on Christianity and my personal history.

Hopefully I’ll get the time.

Meantime as a filler, here’s the latest ditty.

As I said I discovered the blues by accident, by picking up a Duane Allman compilation. As a result I became the Allman Brothers’ biggest British fan for a while. But they were unable to maintain their excellence after Duane passed away. The album Win, Lose or Draw was released to universal derision and one review compared them unfavourably to Little Feat, calling the latter a “real American rock band”. What was I to do? I went out and bought Dixie Chicken – one of my better decisions.

It’s hard to categorise Little Feat. They took in everything and came out with something unique. They were truly American without really falling into the limitations of any American genre. I saw them in Manchester in 1976, supporting the Doobie Brothers, and to this day it’s one of the two most awesome musical experiences of my life.

They had two major advantages. Firstly, keyboard maestro Billy Payne and secondly, for my money the world’s most talented musician – the top slide guitar player, a superb songwriter with the sweetest voice – I present the late Lowell George and Little Feat.

35 years later I still listen to this stuff…


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