Monthly Archives: September 2011

Welcome (to nobody in particular)

Welcome. I might be saying this to nobody and that won’t be a problem. This blog, at least at the moment, is just for myself, somewhere just to collect my thoughts…

I should introduce myself nonetheless. My real name is not Duncan Ferguson and neither am I a Goodison Legend, much as I’d like to be. I am, however, a lifelong supporter of Everton Football Club and don’t mind admitting that when it comes to EFC rationality takes a back seat – with everything else the truth is paramount. Hopefully the real Duncan won’t get to find out about this or for sure given his fearsome reputation, my days are numbered. I don’t even like pigeons. I can’t say that I was ever Duncan’s biggest fan but I do know many Evertonians who would routinely describe him as a god. This brings into question the nature of gods, and in the context of what follows, gives me an ironic reason for taking Duncan’s name in vain.

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